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At Brad's World Reptiles,
Education is our Passion

 Through our passion for education and the natural world we have made it our goal to provide the opportunity for others to learn about, view, and even touch some of the most beautiful and exotic animals on our planet.

Guests at Brad's World Reptiles exhibit

We produce educational and interactive exhibits with live exotic animals.

Lessons with our tortoise

Our educational programs travel to your school to teach a variety of subjects that include ecology, biodiversity, and so much more.

Washington County Fairground

We bring animals to your event for a hands-on experience, or schedule a time to visit our wildlife preserve. 

newborn ball python

We carry a wide array of exotic reptiles from the far reaches of the world. Check back frequently for updates.

Can't get enough creatures?

Check us out on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram for updates from our traveling shows, archival footage from Brad's journey around the world, and more!

Welcome to Brad's Video Archive

Welcome to Brad's Video Archive

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