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Our engaging, hands-on school programs use live reptiles, amphibians, and other exotic animals to teach basic life science concepts. We'll bring our animals to you, or you can bring your class to us.

We offer school programs that will suit any group size, from just a handful of students to large scale assemblies for big crowds.

Programs can be 1-2 hours or full day events.

Snakes Alive!

Explore the unique physical characteristics of snakes and learn to recognize venomous and nonvenomous varieties.


In this popular, fast-paced program, students examine 15-20 different snakes, ranging in size from our smaller native species to a giant Burmese python. Audience participation and supervised handling of snakes encouraged! 


Topics: reptilian adaptations, predator/prey relationships, life cycles, albinism, phobias.

Rainforest Wonderland

Bring the wonders of the rainforest to your school with this interactive program that enables students to see and touch a variety of unique life forms.


Learn what products come from the rainforests, why rainforests are considered the lifeblood of the planet, and the factors that threaten their survival.



Topics: adaptations, biodiversity, conservation, ecology

Creature Features

Handle a variety of animals under the supervision of trained staff.


What is the difference between a land turtle and a water turtle? A lizard and a snake? A venomous snake and a harmless one?


Take a close look at the unique adaptations animals have developed to enable them to survive in widely different environments. Topics: adaptations, animal classifications, characteristics.

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